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Would you like to be a guest artist on Here’s how it works:

arrowExplore this site so that you understand the project.

arrowPick one of the photos on this page. Email me (Emma) at for the password. Download your chosen photo so you can make a Goody with it.

arrowMake a four to six minute audio illustrating, based on, or inspired by the photo and/or its title. Just be original, be yourself, and stay within NF’s content rules! Take a few moments at the start of your audio to explain that this is a Dirty Talk Audio and what the project is about. Here’s a sample script you can use or adapt:

This audio is a little different than usual. It’s a guest audio for the Dirty Talk Audio series. If you look up Emmalouise on Niteflirt, you’ll see that she has a goody with the same name and the same picture–but her audio is completely different than mine (ours)! It’s a fun little project where your favorite phone sex dommes (girls, ladies, pick your phrase) use the same photo, but make an audio using our own unique, creative interpretation. We don’t even discuss the content ahead of time, to make sure we aren’t influencing one another. Once you’ve enjoyed this one, you might want to check Emmalouise or to see what other guest versions there are and collect them all–at only $6 each, they are so affordable!

arrowMake your own cover or email me, Emma, to make a guest cover* for you (I prefer this for branding purposes but it’s not absolutely critical).

arrowPut together and submit your Goody–photo, audio, and cover photo. Price it at $6.00.

arrowOnce it’s approved, let me know the goody number and send at least 100 words describing your audio–if your goody description is long enough, just send that. If you’ve made your own cover, send me that.

arrowAlso send me what website(s), listing(s) you’d like me to link to, your NF affiliate code number, and a photo or two to include in my blog post about your audio (and my related one).

You can do this as many times, with as many of the photos, as you like.

*sample guest cover
DTAGuestAudioIllustrationWhy would you want to be a Guest Artist?

You aren’t going to make a lot of money selling $6 audios. This is about exposure, both to phone sex regulars and men who might be new to phone sex or have forgotten about it.

The domain name was chosen based on a review of highly searched terms. Google tells us the phrase “dirty talk audio” gets about 1400 searches a month–that they know of. We are very active in our SEO, and are now on the first page on Bing for the phrase. My goal is to get on the first page of Google for the search phrase “dirty talk audio.”

You will get:

  • Legitimate backlinking as your site will be featured here.
  • Exposure on all my websites including my main site, Niteflirt-compliant site,, and others. Miss June’s websites also send visitors here.
  • Twitter exposure to my 1550 followers.
  • Exposure to my Niteflirt customer list, as I email them about the series and new additions, linking to the other flirt and her goodies.
  • The potential, albeit slight, for affiliate payment from Niteflirt.

If everyone who participates as a guest artist does a little marketing of their own, then your audio, site, listings, goodies, get that magnified exposure.

Marketing suggestions:

  • Blog about your new guest audio
  • Tweet about your blog and the audio
  • Send Niteflirt customer mail about it

NOTE: This site is NOT Niteflirt compliant! If you want to refer people to one Niteflirt-compliant page that has all the audios, you can send them to www.DirtyTalkAudio/Niteflirt.

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