About Dirty Talk


audio pornStop by every Saturday for a pair of new naughty audios from Mistress June and Emmalouise and our guest artists. To keep our creative juices flowing and share some fun, every week we pick one or two erotic, naughty, dirty, or wild photos. Then each of us makes an mp3 or two, just a few minutes long, with our own interpretation of each photo.

We’re such different phone divas that there’s no chance you’ll hear the same thing twice–and so creative you may never guess at what you’re going to hear next!

At the totally reasonable (steal) price of $6.00 per audio, you’ll want to collect them. As you get to know us, you may also find you want to talk with us and get your headphones on some of our other audio porn, too.

Our audios are available on Niteflirt, a very secure and well-established platform that will allow you to both download them and/or play them from their site. Don’t want your Dirty Talk leaving tracks on your iPhone? Listen to them from your Niteflirt account any time night or day.

Not the membership type? You can contact Miss Emma and Mistress June individually about buying our audios directly.

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